TecHome automation is designed to help Australian homeowners keep cool and dry from the elements.

Given the endless summer in Australia combined with the tropical climate, it is essential to keep homes and outdoor areas cool during the warmer months. TecHome has developed a number of automated products that can help to reduce heat and provide protection from the elements in indoor and outdoor living spaces.

TecHome’s automation range helps keep Australians cool and dry from the elements by controlling the operation of opening roofs, blinds and shutters with the push of one button.

A common fixture in most Australian households, blinds and shutters can be turned into a smart integrated system using TecHome’s products, and controlled with a remote control. With TecHome automated blinds and shutters, users can enjoy the convenience of remotely closing all shutters in the home at the same time. The opening and closing of blinds and shutters can be controlled to block out heat, sunlight and even noise by equipping them with linear actuators powered by TecHome remote controls.

TecHome’s automated products range is recommended for another Australian staple – the patio or deck. To support the Australian’s love for outdoor living, TecHome has designed an opening and closing patio roof system to give the user total control of their outdoor living space.

The roof system electronically controls louvres, which can be opened and closed as required with the push of one button. Remote controlled linear actuators are used to adjust the rotating louvres to open or close and let the breeze and sunlight in, or keep the wind and rain out. An inbuilt rain sensor in the TecHome opening roof system can detect rain droplets and automatically close the louvres.

Designed with the Australian lifestyle and climate in mind, TecHome’s automated products for blinds, shutters and opening roof systems are seamlessly integrated with one another, allowing the homeowner to easily control and automate anything.