‘Nothing but the best’ will do for TCK Solar when it comes to solar power systems.

Commencing business in 2009, TCK Solar is completely committed to offering a 100% quality assured solar solution to its customers. In addition to German designed and manufactured solar panels, the company ensures use of German cables, plugs and switches along with SMA or Bosch inverters to complete their premium offer of a 100% German solar solution.

TCK Solar has also commenced using SolarEdge inverters and power optimisers for partially shaded situations to ensure greater flexibility in designing high performance systems.

TCK Solar added SOLbond solar panels to its range two years ago. Imported from German manufacturer SOLON, SOLbond panels are designed for flat or low pitch metal roofs.

The frameless SOLbond solar panels are glued flat on the roof; remove the need for an ugly tilt frame; leave room for bigger system sizes; eliminate wind loads; achieve an overall weight of only 10kg/m²; reduce the heat in the ceiling space by up to 40% in summer; and have no visibility from the ground.

TCK Solar also weighs in on the debate about the loss of efficiency from installing the panels flat vis-a-vis a tilted installation. According to the company, it is way cheaper adding an extra 10% of panels for a flat installation than tilting them.

Based in Victoria, TCK Solar is the sole distributor for SOLON in Australia. As this product requires special training/certification, the company has decided to send their installer all around Australia for ≥10kW solar systems. TCK Solar offers solar power systems in system sizes from 2kW onwards in Victoria.