Tasman Access Floors  is a supplier and contractor of raised access floors to the Australian and overseas commercial property markets with over 20 years experience in supplying and installing Access floors systems.

Tasman Access Floors are installed in a diverse range of applications – computer rooms, dealing rooms and major general office environments.

Tasman Access Floors also has extensive skills accompanied with experience in end to end project management as well as being contractor of choice in both Australia and overseas markets.

The Tasman Access Floors team are customer focused; understand specific needs, pressures and performance criteria necessary to operate successfully within this distinctly different part of the building industry.

Tasman Access Floors delivers modular space platform solutions for the building requirements and is a member of Green Building Council of Australia.

Tasman Access Floors continues to improve its product offering to the Australian and overseas markets with the introduction of Tasman’s Premium range of access floor finishes including stone and timber, which adds style and maintains the full functionality and benefits of an access floor.

The range also offers clients unlimited ability to house and reticulate data and electrical services on demand and includes underfloor air distribution.

Many green and high performance sustainable buildings worldwide are now incorporating underfloor air distribution. Whether using chilled beams, conditioned air to the floor void, or just using the floor void to distribute fresh air, access floors combine to assist in reducing energy costs, improving indoor air quality and enhancing personal comfort and productivity.

To enhance the effectiveness of the underfloor air distribution Tasman Access Floors has locally designed an underfloor plenum divider system for breaking underfloor areas into different zones. This allows greater flexibility when cooling internal or perimeter zones.

CH2 in Melbourne is a Six-star Green Building in Australia and Tasman Access Floors installed more than 8,000m² of Tascor TC750U TC100 Unifix System and Tasman OnGrid 60cm Modular carpet tile systems, which are ideal and exclusive to Tasman Access Floors. This system assisted the building gaining this high Green Building rating.