Tascot Carpets  offers custom-design and manufacturing services for a wide range of carpets with residential as well as commercial applications.  

Bras and Things had commissioned Coma+ for a fitout project involving their change rooms at their network of 170 stores across Australia and New Zealand.

Coma+ was looking for a bright pink carpet that would give the change rooms an upmarket, opulent and fun appearance.

Unable to find a suitable pink colour from standard stock ranges, Coma+ approached Tascot Carpets to come up with a customised option utilising the pinks in Tascot’s colour cube.

Since only 20-30m² of carpet was required per shop, the challenge was to come up with a way of producing a custom carpet in 366cm that was still cost-effective.

The result was a proposal based on 150blm per order, which would last roughly 5-6 months with the carpet being stored in Tascot’s warehouse ready for distribution as each project came up.

Feedback from both Coma+ and Bras and Things has been extremely positive and this should hopefully be the start of an ongoing relationship for many years.