Having been in the business for over 25 years, Tarp Hire know that for builders, buying tarpaulins can be expensive, not to mention hard work to maintain and handle. Tarp Hire's success is underpinned by their high service standards, quality tarpaulins hired at very reasonable prices, and the simple fact that they take the hard work out of an essential tool for builders.

There are many benefits to using Tarp Hire's tarpaulin hire services, from the heavy duty quality of the product, right through to the reliability of their same day service.

Tarpaulins hired from Tarp Hire are proper builder's tarps, made from heavy duty P.V.C 680gsm. Builders will find no holes in the tarpaulins they hire as each one is fully checked after each hire, guaranteed. They also come with 8mm rope spaced every 1m, and under ties in the middle to lash the tarpaulin down to rafters.

Tarp Hire offer builders wholesale trade rates up to half the price of general hire companies, and if a lower rate is found on a comparable tarpaulin size Tarp Hire promise to beat it by 10%. Builders receive these lower tarpaulin hire prices because Tarp Hire is a specialist company and are able to service tarps at a cheaper rate. Furthermore, tarpaulin hire expenses can be put straight on to a 30 day account, which is a great way of freeing up capital.

Builders hiring from Tarp Hire have a large choice of tarpaulin sizes available to them, meaning they only pay for the area that needs to be covered.

With Tarp Hire's same day service, they are able to deliver the hired tarpaulins within three hours of a phone call, just in case a builder is progressing further along the job than they think.

Tarp Hire is a reliable tarpaulin hire company that has a loyal and satisfied client based who are never disappointed with the quality of the product and the high level of service.