Synthetic Grass & Rubber Surfaces' all weather artificial turf cricket wickets are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Synthetic grass can handle all weather conditions and after rain, it is ready to be played on within minutes.

Specifically for use on cricket pitches, Synthetic Grass & Rubber Surfaces synthetic grass is made of the high quality polypropylene, closely tufted to ensure a consistent and true bounce every time. A synthetic pitch can help reduce injury to players as it provides a level playing surface. 

The synthetic grass is durable and offers the ability to withstand the pounding given by fast bowlers. Easy to maintain the wicket and synthetic grass pitch can be easily covered in the off season to allow multi-use of the sports field with minimal disruption.

Cricket Wicket Covers

Putting soil over cricket wickets will become a thing of the past, with the synthetic grass rubber infilled cricket wicket covers. Advantages include:

  • Reduces public injury and the chance of litigation
  • Synthetic Grass pitch will remain un-damaged throughout the off-season
  • Secure, flat and shock absorbing surface lowers the chance of injury to football and soccer players
  • Immediate use upon installation
  • Minimises trip hazards created from soil collecting around the cricket pitch
  • Covers can be removed and stored for use each season 

Practice Enclosure Protection

Synthetic Grass & Rubber Surfaces pads protect both cricket balls and nets are attached to each side and the back of the practice nets.

Commonly used cricket grass

Practice Turf / Shield Turf
This synthetic grass is suitable for schools or junior wickets and is used in practice net enclosures. Available in widths 1.83m (6ft), 2.79m (9ft) and 3.66m (12ft) and  can be cut to size. 

Competition Turf
This synthetic grass is suitable for public ovals and competition pitches. It has a high stitch rate and slightly high pile height than the practice turf which makes it more suitable for a regularly used wicket. It is available in widths 1.83m (6ft), 2.79m (9ft) and 3.66m (12ft) and can be cut to size.

Test Turf
Test Turf is of high quality and suitable for cricket pitches. It is used on wickets that are used for high grade competition, it has a high stitch rate and pile height offering a longer life span. It is available in widths 1.83m (6ft), 2.79m (9ft) and 3.66m (12ft) and can also be cut to size.