Sydney Water Tanks  has introduced a new range of concrete tanks to their product range.
The high tank was originally manufactured for specific councils where larger water retention was required such as in the Palarang area. The high tanks allow more water to be stored and are also readily available as they are manufactured by Sydney Water Tanks.
Sydney Water Tanks also offers squat tanks, medium tanks and tall tanks in capacities of 3800 litres, 6100 litres and 10000 litres respectively.
Sydney Water Tanks’ concrete tanks range:

  • Squat tanks are 3800-litre rainwater tanks designed to suit rocky terrain where only a shallow hole is required to minimise excavation costs
  • Medium tanks in 6100-litre capacity are ideal for various geographical profiles, offering a good balance between size and capacity
  • Tall tanks are 10000-litre rainwater tanks designed to hold large volumes of rainwater