Sydney Moulding  is the supplier and applicator of various types of mouldings. Sydney Mouldings specializes in architectural mouldings, fence cappings, peer caps, restorations and silicate plaster. The moulds are manufactured to a length of 240mm.

The products from Sydney Mouldings are made with polystyrene mixed to formulated cement. The products are affixed to the exteriors of buildings for creating visual appeal and for decoration purposes.

Some of the products which are available from Sydney Mouldings include parapet profiles, window profiles, keystones, window sill, stringer profile, pier caps, fence caps and quoins. Further different types of mouldings are available under each of the mentioned product category.

Sydney Patch from Sydney Mouldings is an Acrylic water based material to coat various surfaces. It is flexible and adheres to surfaces. This product is applied with a stainless steel trowel and laid using a plastic trowel. Sydney Patch can be used to exterior surfaces like concrete, cement sheeting, cement render, blue board, clay bricks, polystyrene foam, concrete blocks and aerated blocks and panels.