The Sustainable Energy Association of Australia promotes the development and adoption of renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable energy technologies and services.

SEA released its policy position recently, ahead of the Western Australian State Election on 09 March 2013.

The policy document ‘Creating a sustainable energy future for Western Australia’ draws on the substantive views of SEA members who were surveyed on what they would like to see from the next State Government.

Five key recommendations:

  • Adopt a state-based renewable energy target
  • Reduce barriers to commercial self-generation
  • Commit government to purchase a set amount of renewable energy generation
  • Accelerate improvements to Western Australia’s public transport services and infrastructure
  • Support the roll out of smart meters
According to Chief Executive Kirsten Rose, recent research has found renewable energy to be the preferred energy source for the future, and that 90% of Perth respondents believe the State’s energy should come from a renewable source.

Businesses in Western Australia are seeking the assurance of Government support for renewable energy with well-conceived economic incentives going a long way towards achieving this objective.

With a renewable energy target of its own, the State would essentially establish a measure by which to judge its renewable energy progress. It is also a good starting point for other reforms from where business should expect less red tape and a willingness from Government to make use of clean technology in infrastructure development and public services, Ms Rose added.

SEA encourages the State Government to recognise the economic benefits that flow from growth in the renewable energy sector.

The Sustainable Energy Association of Australia is a peak body representing over 300 members in the sustainable energy industry.