All three premium architectural lining panel products from Supawood Architectural Lining Systems ; Supacoustic, Supaline and Supaslat, were recently specified by the architects of a new building at one of Sydney’s oldest prestige schools. The architect skillfully blended all three lining panel products to achieve a stunning look.

The building contains two fully equipped theatres where the different types of panels, in European Beach, Fusion Maple or Hoop Pine Supafinish timber effects, have been extensively used.

Both theatres dramatically feature acoustically effective Supaslat slatted ceiling panels between which have been integrated lighting, speakers and other fixtures. On the rear walls of both theatres Supacoustic slotted acoustic panels have been used to maximise sound absorption.

Supaline solid wall panels line the side walls in the smaller of the two theatres in a striking staggered and angled pattern which exaggerates the height of the stepped seating. While in the larger theatre Supaline solid panels have been installed in stepped sections making the whole space open up down to the stage.

Supawood architectural lining panels have also been chosen to feature in other parts of the building. On entering the main foyer a feature wall lined with Supacoustic slotted acoustic panels in European Beech dominates the area by stretching up two floors to meet the glass roof. Here the panels have been used to their fullest; eliminating noise, accommodating access to hidden services and enhancing the area.

In this project the architects have fully realised the potential for blending several different Supawood products to produce a superior look. The architects also recognised that these products addressed the environmentally-sustainable building specifications that their client demanded in the design.