Incredible design and architecture, blended with high quality finishes and products led to the creation of a premium, state-of-the-art learning space at the St Bernard's College Senior Learning Centre in Essendon West VIC.

Architect Baldasso Cortese designed the space, which gave the students and teachers an extra 20 learning spaces in their last building, including a break-out space and amphitheatre.

The scope of works featuring SUPAWOOD products in the new Essendon school building included a feature ceiling finished in Tas Oak and Hoop Pine Limed SUPAFINISH, and customised with a 3D pyramid focal point, which hung suspended from the ceiling in the main foyer.

Acoustic ratings were provided with the panels used in the pyramid design all having perforated patterns to meet specific acoustic regulations for noisy school buildings.

Curved feature walls were also created for the amphitheatre kitchenette area, finished in Hoop Pine Limed SUPAFINISH. The same finish was carried into the wall panelling in the main stair area, with some solid panels, and some custom perforated panels to cater for air vents behind the panels. The mix of solid and acoustic panels is placed in a brick pattern around the walls.

Being a school building, the main design had to be considered and design intent maintained, while keeping to the fire regulations in place. With the acoustic panels, the open area on the panel had to be considered, as well as finishes, since all panels needed to be Fire Group 1-2 rated.

Project details

Project: St Bernard’s College Senior Learning Centre, Essendon West VIC

Address: 41 Rosehill Road, Essendon West VIC 3040

Architect: Baldasso Cortese


  • Feature 3D ceiling: Custom SUPACOUSTIC shaped ceiling with custom perforation; Tas Oak and Hoop Pine Limed SUPAFINISH concept veneer.
  • Amphitheatre walls: Custom curved SUPALINE in Hoop Pine Limed SUPAFINISH concept veneer.
  • Main foyer walls: Custom SUPACOUSTIC and SUPALINE walls in brick pattern, in Hoop Pine Limed SUPAFINISH concept veneer.

Photography: Peter Clarke Photography