Supaloc roof trusses are a strong and secure option for your building project. They utilize a patented tie down, which fixes through the top plate onto the vertical stud, giving superior performance.

Supaloc roof trusses are constructed with BlueScope TrueCore G550 steel and are accompanied by a 50 year structural warranty.

Supaloc roof trusses come in several different types, including the King Post Web Roof Truss, the Standard Roof Truss, the Cross Braced Truncated Roof Truss, the Vaulted Ceiling Roof truss, the Coffered Ceiling roof truss, the Skillion and the Room-in-the-Roof and Scissor Truss.

Supaloc roof trusses can free-span up to 12 metres and when fixed to the wall frames, form an integrated one-piece structure.