Suntex supplies Becker motors to the window furnishings industry. Becker motors are suitable for motorising Suntex roller and roman blinds.

With the option of remote control or home automation, Suntex blinds motorised with Becker motors can be drawn up or down at the push of a button, or on an automatic timer. Optional Becker sensors can also be fitted, allowing Suntex blinds to be controlled by the movements of the sun. As the sun rises the blind draws open and as the sun sets, it draws closed, providing additional home or office security.

The timers included with Becker motors are easy to program, have a power reserve in the event of power loss and feature a holiday program. These user friendly innovations by Becker enable Suntex blinds to be opened and closed with ease.

Becker motors are just one of a range of motorisation options available at Suntex. Suntex has sourced a range of motors suitable for the demands of a variety of projects.