3M Thinsulate Window Film Climate Control 75 from Sunscreen Window Tinting is a unique low-E window film designed to ensure year-round comfort and efficiency for the building’s residents.

Almost invisible, 3M Thinsulate increases the window’s insulation value, helping retain warmth in winter and cool air in summer. The highly efficient window film ensures a single-glazed window performs close to a double-glazed, while a double-glazed performs close to a triple-glazed. The virtually clear appearance of the film barely changes the look of the window; however, the film also protects furniture, floors, upholstery and artwork from UV rays that cause fading.

3M Thinsulate offers an efficient, high performance and cost-effective window insulation solution that’s easier and more affordable than replacing windows.

Recommended for all types of buildings – old and new – 3M Thinsulate climate control window film enhances comfort for the occupants, provides fade protection to interior surfaces, and remains virtually invisible with its neutral appearance.

How it works

According to the US Department of Energy, 30 percent of all energy used to heat and cool homes goes out the window and nearly 40 percent of heating loss occurs in commercial buildings through windows.

Thinsulate’s invisible insulation technology helps retain the heat, keeping the occupants warmer in winter while its solar reflecting technology helps block the sun’s heat to keep the room cool in summer. In addition to comfort, homeowners also achieve substantial energy savings.

Why Sunscreen?

Sunscreen Window Tinting ensures the right installation for window insulation with hand-picked dealers trained to be exclusive installers of 3M Thinsulate climate control window film. 3M’s training and certification program for their dealers ensures customers are served to the highest standards.

3M Thinsulate climate control window film comes with a comprehensive warranty from 3M.