One of the most obvious benefits of aluminium shutters compared to timber is their longevity and durability according to Sunlite Australia .

Aluminium shutters have a greater lifespan than timber shutters and require little to no maintenance. Without the worry of repainting, splintering, fading, weathering, rotting and white ants, aluminium shutters will look good for years.

Aluminium is waterproof so rain will not wear down the shutters, and it holds up much better through constant temperature changes, and will not warp in the sun and wind.

Sunlite aluminium window shutters offer better heat insulation, and sun protection than timber shutters. This is because aluminium louvres can be made to be hollow, meaning the heat is conducted around the blades and not concentrated on one spot, reducing the heat that gets to the windows in the first place.

Timber shutters are prone to warping, whereas aluminium shutters will not warp over time, meaning that the louvre structure of the aluminium shutters will not change and there will be no gaps and spaces appearing in the shutters.

An aluminium shutter will provide better security for the home than timber as it is resilient and strong, but also light, allowing for greater protection than a heavier metal such as steel. As Sunlite aluminium shutters are hollow they provide more distance between the outside of the shutter and the doors or windows they are covering. Would be thieves would have to work harder to get through more volume.

Aluminium allows for wider range of blade size and shape, and powdercoating allows for an extensive range of colours and different finishes - from metallics and pearls, to a mirror like high gloss finish and even marble and timber effects.

Aluminium louvre blades can have a larger span than timber blades, allowing for longer blades, larger panels and different appearances. Aluminium shutters can also be curved to fit on curved rooves, and can be shaped differently (think triangle, hexagonal, frames) to fit any form of window, door or space. With aluminium shutters there are hardly any limits.