Designer Joe Ruggiero unveiled nine new patterns of Sunbrella upholstery fabrics at the recent June Showtime in High Point Market, NC, USA. Ruggiero’s latest collection of easy-to-care-for, fade-proof and bleach-cleanable Sunbrella fabrics is inspired by global decorative crafts as well as techniques from the past.

Ruggiero, who has worked extensively with the Sunbrella design team for many years, continues to be surprised by the immense possibilities of performance fabrics. He explains that the innovative weaving technology allows him to design textiles that mimic handcrafted techniques and textures.

His latest collection introduced at Showtime showcases upholstery fabrics that combine beauty, soft textures and performance in a single package.

Ruggiero’s nine new Sunbrella styles:


Pushing the limits of technology, Brocade is designed by Ruggiero and the Sunbrella team with Italian silks in mind, and features a silk-like look with a sophisticated floral silhouette. Brocade has a soft hand, drapes beautifully and is available in Birch, Fog, Pebble, Silk and Smoke.


Another pick from his world travels, Pagoda takes inspiration from the time-honoured temple cloths of Japan. Featuring a subtle spreading pattern with high-low textures for an interesting hand, Pagoda is offered in Charcoal, Cumin, Dove, Indigo and Wren.


The classic American needlepoint sampler is the inspiration this time, with Ruggiero’s version having the appearance of being handstitched atop a hopsack ground. Sampler is available in Ash, Coastal, Denim, Indigo, Lagoon, Rustic, Tinsel and Wren.


Taking off on the obi belt, or the sash on Japanese kimonos, this fabric features a raised textured diamond-patterned stripe on top of a linen-like base. Sash is offered in Denim, Dove, Parchment, Sky and Smoke.


Going back to early 18th century when leather was made from shark skin for decorative covers, Shagreen features a similarly subtle pattern and texture, and is available in Blush, Indigo, Lagoon, Opal, Parchment, Pebble, Sangria, Sky and Wren.


Shinto showcases the ever-popular Shibori dyeing technique where fabrics are tied and twisted to create minimal and stripe-like patterns. Versatile and reversible, Shinto is offered in Indigo, Java, Shadow, Silver and Wren.


You can never go wrong with a herringbone pattern – a refined one at that – and Switch comes with the added benefit of choice. Ruggiero offers Switch in the widest colour range of the collection with options including Ash, Blush, Bordeaux, Cameo, Coal, Denim, Fawn, Flax, Fox, Henna, Indigo, Juniper, Mineral, Mink, Olive, Parchment, Salt, Silver, Sprout and Wren.


Classic menswear patterns act as the muse in this fabric – a lighter weight iteration of previous designs with a sophisticated ticking stripe in a much-desired neutral colour palette. Ticking is offered in Dove, Fog, Pebble, Sepia and Wren.


Featuring an organic vibe with close resemblance to the perfect imperfections of wood block printing, Treescape draws inspiration from Asian wood block printing techniques and is available in Indigo, Sky, Stone, Vapor and Wren.

“Today’s technology lets us do amazing things,” Ruggiero says. “Most people don’t appreciate the new capabilities of the looms, perfectly crafting upholstery fabrics that offer design and performance. The textiles appear handcrafted and will enhance the furniture and spaces they adorn.”