When it comes to selecting flooring for your home, especially the kitchen, you have a number of material choices to suit both design and function goals. Timber is an excellent choice for the kitchen floor, given the material’s strength, durability, low maintenance and warm appearance. Being a natural and renewable material, timber is also a sustainable choice.

While tiles are a popular choice among many architects, designers, developers and builders, timber flooring can be an even better option for kitchens. Timber is especially ideal for creating a contemporary, bright, yet warm space in open plan interior layouts.

Read on to find out more about the benefits of timber flooring for your kitchen.


Robust, resilient and very long-lasting when well-maintained, timber flooring only gets better with age in comparison to other materials such as vinyl or tiles, making it an ideal choice for heavy use spaces such as the kitchen. While scratches and water damage are key concerns, these marks often blend in seamlessly with the grain and veins of timber species such as Oak. Kitchen activities such as washing or food prep can cause water spillage, which will not damage timber and can be easily and quickly wiped down.

Tiles – the go-to kitchen flooring choice – can get damaged from knocks; however, replacing a tile can be extremely difficult. Scuffmarks are very obvious almost immediately after the floor is cleaned, and with constant mopping, tile grouting becomes dirty and unsightly. The only option then is to remove the grouting and re-grout, which is laborious and costly.


Modern homes are built on a foundation of sustainability, which makes materials selection an important part of the building process. Being an organic and living material, wood flooring is the premium sustainable choice. Timber is also a renewable material, making it an environment-friendly option.

To ensure sustainability in your flooring material, consider the Cadorin range of beautifully finished timbers available from Style Timber Floor. As the exclusive distributor of Cadorin in Australia, Style Timber offers Cadorin’s 100% made in Italy timbers, all produced without using formaldehyde or any other toxins. This makes them an ideal environmentally-sensitive option for your next project.


Compared to other materials, timber requires a lower amount of care. Apart from basic cleaning such as vacuuming and an occasional light mopping, you don’t need to do more to keep your timber floor in good condition. Tiles need much more constant attention, especially ceramic floors that are very easily stained. Due to its low maintenance requirement, timber is definitely the preferred kitchen flooring option.

Warm and cosy look

Unlike synthetic materials or even natural stone, timber floors truly create an inviting space in your home. A timber floor not only adds another layer of interest to the kitchen design, but also complements and enhances other elements and textures in the space.

Could there be a better space to create a warm and instantly welcoming environment than ‘the heart of the home’?