Drains are often overlooked as a minor detail and repeatedly left till last when it comes to picking the right one. When it is disregarded and has not been thought through completely - everything just goes down the drain from there. It is important to remember that drains are a significant element in all residential and commercial environments and when specifying linear drains all sorts of doubts, questions and confusions arise.

In order to avoid all of the above and simplify the process of specifying suitable linear drainage systems, Stormtech recently released their eBook, The complete specifier’s guide to linear drainage; with short and straight-to-the point key considerations and information about all stages to pick the right system. 

In this eBook, Stormtech covers topics ranging from an experts guide to waterproofing through to discussing the pitfalls of investing in low-grade drainage systems and a list of current trends in bathroom design that is popular in this day and age. All these topics are guaranteed to erase any doubts throughout all stages of the process. The eBook guide also provides insight to different locations that drainage systems may be needed, emphasizing the importance of particular applications for particular areas. Each topic in this guide is paired with the appropriate whitepaper, allowing a chance to further clarify any concerns – even if they are technical. 

Stormtech's range of linear drainage systems is minimal, sleek, effective and efficient, meeting industry standards and has proved to provide incomparable drainage and waterproofing solutions. 

The guide is free to download and comes with further information for specifying the right linear drainage system. Download now: The complete specifier’s guide to linear drainage