StoneSet Permeable Paving offers a comprehensive range of paving solutions for senior living facilities, retirement homes and nursing homes, all designed to provide a safer and more pleasant experience for residents.

Typically surrounded by concrete surfaces for better accessibility, senior living facilities have to constantly deal with safety hazards arising out of concrete cracks and crumbling pathways. Replacing old and dangerous concrete with StoneSet’s porous paving provides a safer and more sustainable environment in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Group retirement facilities offer several special amenities for residents with the accessible design enabling them to enjoy the outdoors as well as the many activities planned around them to improve their quality of life. In older facilities, residents may not use certain amenities anymore due to cracked or crumbling concrete pathways that prevent wheelchair or walker access.

StoneSet's amazing polyurethane resin binds natural loose stone, leaving voids between the stones to allow rain or irrigation water to permeate the hardened stable surface, resisting puddles and nourishing lawns and gardens. The sandy top finish on the permeable paving leaves a slip-resistant surface that allows pedestrians, wheelchairs, and other medical equipment to get a good grip for added safety.

Porous paving solutions from StoneSet resolve multiple safety issues in senior living environments. Suitable for diverse applications, StoneSet comes in 24 colours of natural stone and 6 vibrant colours of recycled glass to create lovely designs, inlaid signage, or even a facility logo. Lighter colours keep hard surfaces cooler, while darker colours help create wonderful accents, patterns, and distinct signage.

StoneSet’s permeable paving can be used in senior living facilities, retirement villages and nursing homes for applications such as: parking lots with inlaid lines, and handicapped and visitor space signage; sidewalks with inlaid signage for ambulance parking; main entrance with inlaid facility logo; handicap accessible pathways around grounds and to all outdoor amenities; swimming pool or hot tub surrounds; outdoor exercise areas; patios for outdoor entertaining; outdoor event venue patio; garden pathways; bases for fountains or water features; and playground area for visiting grandchildren with inlaid bright patterns among many more.