Stoddart Australia presents the Giorik Premium combi oven range designed to deliver high performance and savings at food service venues.

Escalating operating expenses, utility bills and rental costs are driving business owners to demand the best performance from their combi ovens. Giorik Premium combi ovens – Steambox Evolution and Kore – save time, space, energy and water, helping food service venue operators achieve their business goals.

Giorik Premium combi ovens save time

Giorik Steambox Evolution and Kore combi ovens save time and labour costs with the RecipeTuner – a unique touch screen interface that allows the user to modify, personalise and pre-set any created programs with ease.

The EasyService Rack Control maximises the versatility of the Premium oven range by enabling different dishes to be cooked at the same time at various levels, which can then be served at the same time.

Giorik Premium combi ovens save space

The Giorik Kore combi oven is the world’s first 519mm wide compact combi oven with a boiler, with its space-saving high performance design allowing you to achieve the high-quality cooking outcomes of a large oven, but in a much smaller footprint.

The Kore is available in 6 x 1/1GN and 10 x 1/1GN sizes, with electric and gas options.

Giorik Premium combi ovens save energy

Both the Steambox Evolution and Kore combi ovens are designed for energy savings, thanks to the inclusion of a highly efficient boiler that uses significantly less energy than other conventional ovens.

Being considerably smaller than those in other combi ovens on the market, the boiler heats up faster and generates steam more efficiently.

Giorik Premium combi ovens save water

The smaller, high efficiency boiler that saves energy in the Steambox Evolution and Kore ovens also saves water, in conjunction with the complementary steam technologies. By optimising the steam inside the chamber, the boiler uses less water, with the SteamTuner ensuring the exact quantity of steam is generated for the specific product being cooked.

Water savings are also achieved during the cleaning cycle, with both models using a closed circuit system that minimises the amount of water required to clean the cooking chamber.

Discover the Giorik Premium Combi Oven range

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