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    Stiebel Eltron Australia

    DEL 50 degree celsius instant hot water on demand

    The Stiebel DEL AU threephase 415V electric instantaneous hot water systems provide hot water up to a maximum temperature of 50°C. These instant hot water heaters utilise sophisticated electronic technology to maintain a hot water delivery temperature that is in accordance with AS3498.

    Features of the DEL hot water series:

    • Made in Germany and designed for Australian conditions
    • Temperature selection in accordance with AS3498 to a max temperature of 50°C
    • Accurate hot water temperature through 3i technology 
    • Barewire element suitable for hard and soft water areas
    • Instantaneous and endless supply of hot water

    Available in electrical size:

    • DEL 18 AU - 19.4kW, 27 Amps per phase, three phase 415V
    • DEL 27 AU - 28kW, 40 Amps per phase, three phase 415V
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Contact your local energy provider and inform them of your address. They will be able to let you know if you have 3 phase power available at your address.
    You will need to check with your electrician to find out how much 3 phase power is available in “amps per phase”. The DEL 18 AU water heater requires 27 Amps per phase, whereas the DEL 27 AU requires 40 Amps per phase.
    You will need to confirm the amperage supply to the hot water unit from the circuit breaker in the switchboard. Please contact us to confirm the appropriate instantaneous electric hot water system.
    As a general rule the instant hot water system required will be based on the number of hot water outlets the hot water system needs to service, along with the incoming cold water temperature. As a general guide in an apartment/house with 1 bathroom a 19.4kW three phase electric instantaneous water heater (E.g. DHE 18 AU, DEL 18 AU or DHB-E 18 AU) is suitable. In a house with 2 bathrooms, a 29.1kW three phase electric instantaneous water heater (E.g. DHE 27 AU, DEL 27 AU or DHB-E 27AU) should be selected.
    The Stiebel Eltron DEL AU instantaneous electric water heater delivers hot water not exceeding 50 Degrees Celsius in accordance with AS3498, overcoming the need for a temperature control device in hygienic areas where hot water must be limited to 50 Degrees Celsius.

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