Staedtler (Pacific)  specialises in offering technical drawing equipment. Technical drawing equipment from Staedtler (Pacific) is suitable for designers and technical professions. Staedtler (Pacific) offers a gamut of drawing products. Drawing products from Staedtler (Pacific) include fine liners, mechanical pencils, leads, coloured pencils and water colour pencils. These mechanical pencils, coloured pencils and watercolour pencils are highly reliable and durable. Staedtler (Pacific) also offers a range of erasers and sharpeners for multiple applications.

Technical drawing products offered by Staedtler (Pacific) include technical pens, lettering guides, drawing inks, drawing boards and various drawing accessories. Technical pens from Staedtler (Pacific) offer drawing precision. These technical drawing pens are suitable for architects and specifiers. Technical drawing pens from Staedtler (Pacific) have very high performance. Technical drawing products from Staedtler (Pacific) are highly reliable and durable.

Staedtler (Pacific) also specialises in offering a range of school products. School products from Staedtler (Pacific) include highlighters, writing instruments, compasses, universal pens and graphite. These school products from Staedtler (Pacific) are suitable for pupils, children and students. Staedtler (Pacific) offers a wide range of writing instruments that are suitable for all applications. Universal pens from Staedtler (Pacific) are available as both permanent and non permanent pens.