Bluestone is becoming increasingly popular and is being used in for a wide range of applications from curbing in cities to highly polished flooring in modern homes. Bluestone is a form of Basalt which is also known as lava from a volcanic eruption.

Common forms of Basalt can be porous and are susceptible to staining, which is often caused by oil from foods. Once the stone has been stained with oil, it can be very difficult to remove. Spirit Marble & Tile Care  supply Spirit Water-based Premium Seal for sealing Bluestone.  

Spirit Water-based Premium Seal is absorbed by the stone and provides a high level of protection against oil and other food type stains.

Before sealing with Spirit Water-based Premium Seal, Bluestone installations should be cleaned thoroughly and allowed to dry. Once dry, Spirit Water-based Premium Seal can be applied. Two coats are usually required, as detailed in the instructions on the label, and curing time should be allowed before the floor is used.

Spirit Water-based Premium Seal provides long lasting protection, without compromising the natural appearance of Bluestone.