Clax Cart folding utility trolleys from Spacepac Industries are designed for transporting small to medium sized materials.  

Clax Cart folding utility trolleys are collapsible in design for easy storage when not in use. The cart has two large platforms for folding baskets or beverage containers. The Clax Cart is ideal for offices, hospitals and libraries.  

Many commercial environments employ these collapsible utility trolleys for everyday general transport applications.  

The Clax Cart offers ease of movement, manoeuvrability and quiet, clean operation. These transport carts include features such as a block brake, holding device for boxes and upward folding load platform.  

Product features:

  • Two-tier folding trolley
  • Lightweight design
  • Pedal foot brake
  • Extra baskets available
  • Fully portable


  • Total load capacity: 60kg
  • Unit weight: 7kg
  • Rear wheels: 175mm
  • Front castors: 90mm swivel

Spare parts are easily available for Clax Cart folding utility trolleys including wheels, handle and brake among others.