Sound Barrier Systems can enhance the acoustic qualities of sliding doors with a unique single or double glazing system. The glazed glass panels with aluminium frame can be custom designed to suit all shaped and sized sliding doors and there is no need for expensive removal which could damage the existing framework.

Single glazing systems are installed on the inside of existing glass doors and not only reduce medium level noise transmission and  improve acoustic qualities indoors, but also retain heat in winter and keep the air temperature cooler in summer. Double glazing systems have the same effect however an additional outer layer protects against higher levels of noise making it suitable for busy residential, retail, commercial and industrial applications.

Glazing systems fro sliding doors have won an Australian Design Award and are CSIRO approved. The thickened glass also improves security and as a result of not having to install entirely new sliding doors, it is also cost effective. Customers have the option of choosing the finish on the aluminium trim so the  doors maintain their original appearance.