SOLIDAL’s pre-finished solid aluminium has received the NATA approved non-combustible certificate.

SOLIDAL’s pre-finished solid aluminium has been tested in accordance with Australian Standard 1530 Methods for fire tests on building materials components and structures, Part 1 1994: Combustibility test for Materials. SOLIDAL is deemed a non-combustible product.

Twenty-five per cent of all aluminium produced worldwide is used in construction. A metal that’s light, but strong, is not prone to corrosion, is non-toxic and durable, and can be given virtually any desired shape, aluminium allows unlimited creativity in the hands of the architect, making it possible to create structures that cannot be made from wood, plastic, or steel.

SOLIDAL pre-painted solid aluminium provides this possibility. Semi-finished aluminium products in strip or panel form are continuous-coated with high-quality PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride) paints. Alloys, mechanical properties and coating materials have been specifically designed to meet the needs of facade cladding. Anodised and powdercoat finishes are also available.

Solidal is recommended for both new and re-cladding applications.