Solatube Australia, represented by Solatube Home Comfort Products , offer architects, designers and lighting engineers a new option to take daylight control to the next stage.

As demand for automatic daylight control increases, the 0-10V Daylight Dimmer sets the stage for complete daylight control.

Architects, designers and lighting engineers can now integrate Solatube daylighting systems into existing lighting systems, allowing for complete scene and time control for daylight delivery.

The 0-10V Daylight Dimmer provides:

  • Scene control - The lighting control system can be programmed to signal the daylight dimmer to automatically adjust the daylight for pre-set standard tasks, such as classroom instruction or audio-visual presentations.
  • Time-clock based operation - The lighting control system can direct the daylight dimmer to provide 24-hour light management, delivering more or less daylight for optimal energy efficiencies based on the changing lighting requirements of the space throughout the day.
  • The patented Solatube daylight dimmer was initially introduced to accommodate a customer with a school application, and is an option within the designer touches line. The new premium 0-10V daylight dimmer adds a higher level of functionality required in certain commercial applications and is particularly well suited for use in schools, offices and hospitality facilities.