The use of air-conditioners to keep your home cool and comfortable in summer can be very expensive with soaring power bills. Several homes also have old air-conditioning systems that are not only energy-guzzlers but also noisy.

However, there is a solution that can reduce your dependence on air-conditioners while still being able to keep your home cool without the added costs and potential problems of an air-conditioning unit.

Whole house fans

A whole house fan is a revolutionary solution that can cool your home significantly in summer in mere minutes. The fan not only maximises the fresh air entering your home but also removes the hot stale air within, making your interior space fresh and cool in a matter of minutes.

How a whole house fan works

Whole house fans feature an innovative design that enables them to be just as refreshing as an air-conditioner minus the heavy energy consumption and cost. Whole house fans are also quieter than air-conditioners.

A whole house fan pulls in fresh air from outside to cool your space. The stale air inside the house is pushed into the attic from where it exits through the vent. The new air comes through the windows and circulates inside your home keeping the air quality fresh. During summer, these fans can cool your home down in a few minutes.

Whole house fans are useful throughout the year as they can circulate naturally refreshing air in your home regardless of the season. The musty air from air conditioners is hard to remove from interior spaces.

Key features of whole house fans include a brushless motor built with long-lasting energy-efficient capabilities; easily removable intake grill allowing simple cleaning; 5-blade fan delivering continuous airflow enabled by the extra blades; powdercoated metal fan blade eliminating rust and ensuring durability while in use; exclusive damper box design increasing airflow to the entire home; insulated ducting allowing for quieter cooling overall; and no visible fasteners resulting in a sleek, modern finish.

Whole house fans and indoor air quality

Indoor air quality impacts the health of every occupant in the home, which is why it should be a priority for any homeowner. A whole house fan can help you improve your home’s circulation and air quality issues, remove musty odours and eliminate stale air during the winter months, and keep your home filled with fresh air all year round, regardless of the weather. 

Adding a whole house fan to your home can be a life-changing decision since you will no longer have to worry about the air quality, temperature control or air circulation. Using a whole house fan in summer will cool your home at half the cost of an air-conditioner, thanks to the significant energy savings.

A whole house fan offers a simple way to keep you and your family comfortable, cool and healthy all year.

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