With World Environment Day approaching on Thursday June 5, there is no better time to make the change to energy-saving and money-saving solar hot water.

Installing solar water heating is the equivalent of taking a 4-cylinder car off the road every year, which is an annual saving of about 3-4 tonnes of carbon emissions, and thousands of Australians are now turning to solar hot water to do their bit to save the environment.

Solahart Industries  is an Australian manufacturer of solar water heaters. Solahart Industries has been making the solar water heaters since the 1950s, and selling them globally since the 1980s.

Solahart Industries has now sold more than a million systems – which equates to millions of tonnes of carbon emissions being saved throughout the world from solar hot water alone.

Solahart Industries National Manager, Stephen Cranch says solar hot water has never been more affordable, and more and more households are choosing to not only save the environment through energy efficiency, but also save money on their power bills.

“Solar water heating is the here-and-now, economically smart way for a household to pack the biggest environmental punch,” says Stephen Cranch.

“Solar hot water is the only kind of water heater that will pay for itself over time in reduced energy bills,” says Stephen Cranch.

Cash incentives such as Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), and the various State and Federal rebates means the cost of installing solar water heating can be reduced by as much as thousands of dollars.