Smeg Australia is pleased to introduce its latest stylish kitchen appliance, the PUM rangehood.

This concealed undermount rangehood is ideal for minimalist kitchens thanks to its uncluttered and spatial style. It also delivers optimal power at minimal sound levels.

The PUM rangehood is available in 600mm or 900mm widths and is entirely concealed beneath overhead cupboards or island bulkhead, meaning uninterrupted clean lines in the kitchen.

Manufactured from satin stainless steel, the rangehood comprises 138 watt centrifugal, twin impellors with double-sided air uptake that will remove up to 700 cubic metres (nett) of air an hour. This means that any grease and odour laden air will be removed from the kitchen in a quiet and efficient manner. The rangehood can either be ducted to the outside environment or cleaned and recirculated into the kitchen.

Powerful LED lights are positioned in front of the grease filters to ensure clear, shadow-free cooking. Also, there are three speeds to choose from to ensure everything from a slow simmer to a high intensity stir fry is catered for.

PUM rangehoods are supplied with five-ply aluminium grease filters as standard. These can simply be washed in the dishwasher. Optional activated charcoal filters are also available.