Smeg Australia has launched a new range of wine cellars that showcase technological advancements for wine storage through the language of beautiful design. Presented at the Eurocucina 2016 earlier this year, the stunning new Smeg wine cellars have been designed to fit perfectly into the kitchens of wine connoisseurs.

The new wine cellars follow the aesthetic codes of the new Dolce Stil Novo line and the iconic Classica line. The Dolce Stil Novo line adopts an elegant Eclypse glass panel which, trimmed in copper or stainless steel on the upper and lower edges in the 45cm version or applied to the vertical handle in the 82cm under-counter version, makes the door a continuous surface with a strong visual impact.

The Classica design makes use of stainless steel in a stylish way with the 45cm model featuring large bands alternating with the central glass panel, and interrupted by a compact display, while the under-counter version has a more elongated display.

The new Smeg wine cellars rely on technological advancements to preserve the quality of the stored wine. For instance, the materials used in their design are based on deep research conducted in collaboration with expert sommeliers who have contributed to producing a range of products with excellent technical and qualitative features.

Key features of the new Smeg wine cellars include a high precision electronic control allowing a constant temperature to be set even when there are variations in the external temperature; intuitive digital display on the external glass panel allowing the temperature to be displayed or changed without influencing the conditions of the environment inside the cellar; space saved from the innovative position of the display distributed between the shelves to hold bottles with shapes other than the classic Bordeaux bottle; and ability to accommodate 18 bottles in the 45cm module and 38 bottles in the 82cm version.

The formal clean line of the doors is obtained through new opening systems including a push-pull mechanism in the 45cm recessed version allowing the user to open the door with only a slight pressure.

The Eclypse glass panels block harmful UV rays but allow maximum transparency when the lights are switched on and complete darkness when they are switched off.

The removable and extractable shelves are made from Slavonian oak and shaped to safely house transversally, even bottles such as champagnottes or magnums. Additionally, the cooling system in Smeg wine cellars minimises vibrations while the shelves, with controlled sliding thanks to telescopic rails, allow the bottles to be removed easily from the cellar practically and safely, avoiding friction or sudden movements.