S & A Stairs have been building staircases for almost a century and have, in their time, created many designer staircases with many handrail configurations, proving that whilst handrails are primarily installed for safety they also form an integral part of the decorative style of the staircase.

Staircase handrails tend to be made from timber for a beautiful traditional look or stainless steel for a clean modern feel. Slattery & Acquroff Stairs specialise in the design and construction of continuous staircase handrails and wall mounted staircase handrails.

A continuous staircase handrail is a handrail that does not stop and start at a newel post or where the stair changes direction. It continues in smooth curves from the bottom of the stair to the top and allows the user to run their hand all the way along as they ascend or descend the staircase.

Wall mounted staircase handrails, also referred to as grab rails, are often installed as an afterthought as the Building Code of Australia currently does not require staircases installed in domestic buildings to have a wall rail. S & A Stairs encourage their customers to install wall mounted staircase handrails, particularly if the occupants of the household are elderly or children.