Barrel vaults from Skyspan Skylights offer an excellent way to create standout architecture that is practical, aesthetic and affordable.

An architectural highlight of the Roman age, barrel vaults were integral to the design of magnificent churches and cathedrals, allowing for large interior spaces, long hallways and cellars. However, the barrel vault design of the Roman period had its drawbacks including very little light transmission due to the density of traditional materials.

Modern barrel vaults such as those from Skyspan Skylights eliminate these drawbacks by perfecting the use of a wide range of glazing, together with the special development of structural support and glazing fixings to become the complete system for structural glazing projects of any size while meeting uncompromising standards in weather-proofing and structural integrity.

Five reasons to consider Skyspan barrel vaults:

Natural light is key

Transparent or opaque surfaces maximise the entry of natural light into the vaulted space, giving the impression of bringing the outdoors inside, and creating a fresh, vibrant space. The modular nature of barrel vaults maximises interior breathing space.

Light and airy, but tough as nails

Stepping away from the limitations of traditional brick and mortar, Skyspan barrel vaults use tough polycarbonate, strong glazing bars, and geometric structural support to ensure a weather-proof and long-lasting structure that adds aesthetic value without compromising on strength and safety.

Your imagination is your design reality

Although barrel vaults have a long and established architectural history, Skyspan continually strives to surpass the restrictions of traditional design by adding practical elements to architectural concepts. Skyspan barrel vaults incorporate the latest advances in manufacturing technology to fit the customer’s idea of space, be it a home, office or even greenhouse. Opal, clear, bronze, and grey solar tints provide the main range of hues. Skyspan’s in-house thermoforming, metal fabrication, powder coating, and assembly facilities make the customer’s vision a reality.

Be different, not boring

Adding a barrel vault to the building’s design ensures a more open perspective to the structure without the boring effect of clean lines and square shapes. Barrel vaults are different, and they inspire a different way of thinking.

Harness the power of history

Apart from being structurally sound and maximising a space, barrel vaults are magnificent structures, a fact that can still be experienced in historical constructions. Barrel vaults of today represent the re-emergence of a powerful trend in architecture, and the intersection between art and science in practical and aesthetic construction.