Simply Shopfittings  offers a wide range of products which can be used to display the different items in shops and can also be used in different areas including domestic areas.

Some of them are Bullet system that includes floating and fixed panel supports, Wall panel that includes shelving, retail and display systems, Floor system that includes vertical display system and Petite System that includes display system and light weight shelving.

The Polka Systems which can be used in displaying, shelving and merchandising are available in wide range from Simply Shopfittings.

The Limbo Systems are suspended display systems and are available in cable, art and rod series. The cable series include suspended shelvings and display systems. The Art series include picture hangings and display track systems.

Pivot Systems are panel based adjustable display systems that contains metal strips to adjust its shape. It can be used in making shelvings, visual displays and fashion handrails.

Greenscreen systems include a wide range of rod top fittings, rod tensioner, spacers, cable tensioner, swivel dead end fittings and cable rod fittings.

Some of the new products include lighting cable loops, banner stretches pelican shelf supports, cable single boss cable double boss, floating panel supports and spacers.