Simply Shopfittings  is a designer and manufacturer of shop fitting products and product display systems. The product display systems can be used for various purposes including commercial installations, exhibitions and retail outlets. They are also ideal for use in domestic applications. They offer a host of usage possibilities to exhibitors, retailers and architects.

Simply Shopfittings offers Polka Systems which is designed for merchandise, display and modular shelving systems. These can also be used for both domestic and commercial purposes. These are flexible systems and are designed to suit both floor and wall structures. The customer is provided with after sale services and technical assistance. Polka systems offered by Simply Shopfittings are available in various forms to suit different situations. For instance, the wall panel system can be used for shelving, retail and display system.

Limbo is yet another shop fitting product offered by Simply Shopfittings which provides a range of suspended display systems. They provide customised service to suit the requirements of each customer. Limbo is available in various categories such as, Cable series, Art series and Rod series.

Pivot, a new shop fitting product from Simply Shopfittings is a fixturing system and it can be used for panel based adjustable display systems. The pivot strips are available in various widths to suit different applications.