Project Background

The Australian National Museum is an iconic building located in the heart of the national capital. New extensions meant that a structural strengthening solution was required to ensure the infrastructure maintained its integrity.

Project Requirements

The engineers on the project designed a structural strengthening solution using Carbodur laminates to effectively line a loadbearing beam to protect against the new shear loads that would be placed upon it following the renovations to the Museum.   

Sika Solution

The builders Built Pty Ltd engaged Slabtec to implement a solution utilising Sika Carbodur S1214 laminate and Sikadur 30 to be placed along the beams to increase the load capacity. The S1214 strips were placed side by side to increase load performance.  

Project Size   

  • 180 Lts of Sikadur 30
  • 450 Mts of Sika Carbodur S1214

Sika Products Used

  • Sikadur 30
  • Sika Carbodur S1214

Project Details

Sika Representative/ Project Manager: Craig Adams

Date: March 2020

Location: Canberra, Australia