Axminster carpets are named after a type of hand-weave style that originated during the latter part of the 18th century in the old English town of Axminster. Signature Floors continues the rich tradition of quality carpet weaving craftsmanship with its Custom Woven Carpeting Division offering the most versatile and flexible Custom Axminster Program in the industry.

Woven Axminster carpets offer architects and end-users distinct advantages over any other available flooring surface on the market in terms of aesthetics, performance and value. Axminster carpets are woven on looms that offer unique flexibilities in colours and design. Each piece of pile yarn is individually woven into place allowing even the most complex and intricate designs to be created with pinpoint precision and high-definition.

Though all carpets consist of a pile material and a backing, woven Axminster carpets differ from tufted construction in terms of the weaving process. Axminster looms weave the pile and backing materials together in a single operation, eliminating the problem of delamination and accompanying bubbles, ripples, and potential premature product failure, which may occur in heavy traffic areas with tufted carpet.

Since the pile and backing are interwoven, each face yarn of the carpet is locked into place with the pattern woven all the way through the carpet. This unique construction process provides Axminster carpets with superior durability and appearance retention, purposely designed to withstand the wear and tear often associated with high traffic areas.

In addition to its superior construction, Axminster carpets add a sense of luxury and sophistication associated with woven broadloom to the floor of any room. Equally at home in very large commercial installations as well as small residential areas, woven carpets from the Signature Custom Axminster Program can turn the most creative flooring concepts into beautiful and practical realities.

Key features and benefits of Signature Axminster carpet collection include 80% virgin wool/ 20% anti-static nylon material for long-lasting beauty and additional strength in heavy traffic areas; two ply yarns skein dyed for vivid colours making carpet design come alive; resilient wool-rich material providing substantial advantages in aesthetics, durability, appearance retention and overall value; excellent recovery from compression; absorption of harmful pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide contributing to greater air purity; and absorption/ release of moisture during periods of high and low humidity assisting with stabilising the thermal properties of the space.

A preferred choice of specifiers for prestige and complex hospitality installations, the wool-rich Axminster carpets, with their superior performance characteristics, are ideal for interiors ranging from luxurious hotels and resorts to more practical installations in public buildings, corporate headquarters and transport facilities.

Signature also offers the option of other pile yarn, including 100% nylon as an alternative to wool-rich Axminster carpets. Woven on state-of-the-art electronic jacquard Axminster looms, these carpets can reproduce some of the most complex and creative designs as well as large-scaled patterns provided by the client, using up to twelve colours and in a choice of any width between 69cm and 4.11 metres.

Delivering excellent manufacturing flexibility and versatility, each custom carpet produced from Signature’s Custom Axminster Program is distinctive and truly an expression of their clients' own creativity.