After a tumultuous year full of uncertainty and gloom, 2021 promises to be a year of optimism, hope and resilience against all odds. That’s exactly the mood captured by the new Pantone colours of 2021.

Signature Studio interprets the new Pantone colours of 2021, Illuminating and Ultimate Grey in a stunning new custom carpet design.

Within the design context, grey is dependable and relaxing, creating spaces that feel neutral – both emotionally and physically. Illuminating, on the other hand, works as the perfect accent colour that lends a dash of personality and uplifts spaces.

Jade, one of Signature Studio’s creative textile designers used the Pantone colours of 2021 as inspiration to create the new carpet design. Having recently come across some eye-catching industrial textures and imagery in these Pantone colours during her travels in Melbourne, she wanted to incorporate those elements in her work.

Specifically, Jade was inspired by brick textures, grid work, building blocks and geometric linework… all reminiscent of an urban, industrial aesthetic. She also wanted her design to look sophisticated in a commercial setting.

Her creation brings each of these elements together, tying the base colour grey with vibrant pops of yellow in a creative but unexpected interpretation.

Looking to take your inspiration to a new level of creative design? Whether you’re inspired by the built world, nature, abstraction or colour, work with the designers at Signature Studio to bring your custom carpet vision to life. If you love the new Pantone colours, we’ll help you find creative ways to incorporate them in your next flooring project.

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Photos by Jade Backhouse-Walker