The inaugural issue of The Design Journal by Signature Studio brings you a new custom carpet collection featuring designs inspired by Australia’s amazing Great Barrier Reef.

Discover the possibilities of custom carpet designs to inspire your next flooring project. This brand-new monthly series will bring you unique, unexpected and colour-rich ideas developed exclusively by the talented in-house textile designers at Signature Studio.

Great Bold Reef

One of the most stunning reefs in the world as well as the largest, the Great Barrier Reef has abundant marine life with over 400 types of vividly patterned corals in a profusion of colour.

The custom carpet designs inspired by the reef’s aquatic plant life have been aptly titled the ‘Great Bold Reef’. The hues, patterns and textures of the carpets are all evocative of the reef’s bold landscape.

Embark on a breathtakingly beautiful underwater journey with the custom designs offering stunning visual inspiration to designers looking to infuse vivid colour and imagery into their next commercial project.

Jack Fillmore, one of the studio’s textile designers, has always been inspired by plants, flowers and landscapes - the reef has opened up a brand-new world of references and colours. What stands out in this collection of reef-inspired carpet designs is the use of large-scale images meshed with micro details as complementing elements.

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