Signature Floors has introduced a new Acoustic Flooring Guide that covers critical considerations for ensuring excellent acoustics in multi-residential dwellings.

Bassett’s 2007 report for the Australian Building Codes Board examined the impact of external noise in residential apartment buildings. The study found that 93% of survey respondents felt annoyed while 58% noted that environmental noise hampered their ability to perform a specific task.

However, external sound is not the only source of noise impacting the lives of residents in multi-unit dwellings. Sound that transmits through floors from footsteps, falling objects or furniture being dragged can be equally annoying. 

The new Acoustic Flooring Guide from Signature Floors will help you learn about noise and its effects on health and wellbeing; specific acoustic requirements in new builds and refurbishments; NCC’s guidelines for impact sound insulation; considerations for airborne sound insulation; and sound absorption in flooring.

In this guide to acoustic flooring solutions, you will also find relevant product recommendations from Signature Floors’ hybrid, vinyl planks and tiles portfolio (with suggestions for acoustic underlays), all designed to deliver optimal flooring performance in residential apartments.