Ever fancied an underground wine cellar? Well now is your chance with Spiral Cellars flexible, unique and seamless system for storing fine wines in the home.

First developed by Frenchman Georges Harnois in 1977, the spiral cellar is designed to store wine at optimum humidity, temperature and darkness by using the earth’s natural attributes.

By positioning the spiral cellar in the ground, it remains at an average 15-16ºC, and the ventilation and concrete construction maintains humidity at 70% - perfect for storing everyday drinking wines.

A spiral wine cellar is a watertight cylindrical concrete system which is sunk into the earth through the ground floor of a house from any room you desire – the kitchen, lounge, garage or basement are the most convenient choices.

The spiral cellars come in various sizes, with an approximate diameter of 2m with depths of between 2-3m. This allows for storage of 1000-1870 bottles of the drink of the gods.

A cellar is easily customised for the individual home and wine connoisseur; whether they want the Original Spiral Cellar, which has five depth options for up to 1600 bottles, or the White Spiral Cellar, incorporating smooth luminous white concrete and larger bins to allow for up to 1870 bottles.

The White Spiral Cellar also has a range of features including LED lighting, wider steps and a range of step tread coverings including leather and slate.

Spiral Cellars are maintenance-free and, because they are dug into the ground, save space.

Cellars are sealed with a range of doors, from the retractable round glass door to the recessed options which fit seamlessly with an interior design.

The team from Spiral Cellars will work with any client in deciding the best cellar for their need and the most suitable location. They will also handle any building regulation or permit requirements before excavating the site and installing the system.

Installation of a spiral cellar takes between five to nine days, with the entire process from initial site survey to final visit taking no more than 16 weeks.