Spiral Cellars make the most simple and effective built-in wine cellars around, but what if you could use it for a kitchen pantry?

The wine cellar environment is ideal for storing most food stuffs that would sit in a traditional larder, but this one won’t take up limited kitchen floor space like a pantry cupboard would.

As a Spiral Cellar is set into the ground, the temperature remains at an average 15-16ºC. It is also well-ventilated, ideal for storing items such as root vegetables, dairy items like butter, tinned goods and cans, as well as all those extra goodies that seem to accumulate at Christmas.

The compartments in the built-in cellar are ideal for loading up with food that either overspills from the kitchen pantry, or need storing for some time, like homemade jams and chutneys.

Each built-in cellar has at least 42 bins – heaps of space to store the wine and the food!

Many customers of Spiral Cellars chose to place their cellar in the main entertaining space, so wine is always close to hand, and as the kitchen has evolved into the modern entertaining space, storing larder items in a Spiral Cellar makes perfect sense.

A Spiral Cellar is dug into the ground, so can be placed in the kitchen or surrounding area for easy access while cooking and entertaining.

It doesn't take up floor space and seamlessly fits into the interior layout with a range of recessed trap door options. Additionally, there are glass door options available to make a feature of the cellar.

If short on space, the half of the built-in cellar that is sealed with concrete can be placed under a kitchen island or cabinets and the door can be placed in the galley.

There are various cellars to choose from. The Original Spiral Cellar has five depth options for up to 1,600 bottles. The White Spiral Cellar incorporates larger bins in each of its depths to allow for up to 1,870 bottles, with LED lighting, wider steps and various step tread coverings available.