Spiral Cellars  was officially launched in the Australian market in January this year. The company offers their products through a network of distributors in ACT, NSW, VIC and WA, with the capacity to also service other states.

A spiral cellar is a watertight, precast cylindrical system sunk into the ground from the kitchen, living room, garage or study. In addition to creating a complete basement cellar, a spiral cellar also functions as a wine cellar offering the capacity to store fine wine right at home. Designed to accommodate up to 1,870 bottles, the spiral cellar creates an appropriate environment for wine storage with its ability to maintain optimum humidity, temperature and darkness levels.

Unlike mechanical solutions such as wine cabinets, a spiral cellar doesn’t need to be powered as it operates on a passive ventilation system to maintain humidity and uses the earth’s insulation to maintain an even temperature, eliminating running costs and power cut problems.

Installation of spiral cellars

The installation is split into stages to ensure the hole retains its integrity and the cellar remains in position for many years to come. Spiral Cellars’ installation teams undertake everything from digging the hole, pouring the concrete base and fitting the waterproof liner to laying each individual concrete module, fitting the trap door and installing lighting and step treads where required.