If you are embarking on a wine cellar installation, do consider the services of a professional company to assist you. Wine cellar design is a specialised field and hiring a professional will ensure you get custom cellar design solutions that will match your requirements in terms of styling, materials and budget.

Here are some tips you can use to create a stunning wine cellar space:

1. Racking Units

Wine racks can be designed in a material of your choice to suit the styling of the cellar, space availability and the number of wine bottles you want to stock. Alternatively, you can choose from a number of modular racking units that can be installed in the wine cellar, even extending from the floor to the ceiling. These racks are suitable for wine cellars of all sizes with many having a floating design to make a modest-sized cellar look expansive. While the actual shelves in these installations are made of wood, the supports are metal, contributing to their floating appearance.

2. Customisation

When you have your wine cellar specially designed and made, you can customise it using various options to create a unique look. Wood is an all-time favourite material when it comes to cellar installations but you can get creative with it by using a mix-and-match of wood species such as redwood, all-heart redwood, rustic pine, mahogany, black walnut, oak and clear alder. Many homeowners opt for unstained versions of these wood species to add a very distinctive look to the wine cellar.

3. Glass-Enclosed Wine Rack Designs

Homeowners seeking a contemporary design can consider adding glass to their wine racks. Glass accentuates the wood and metal features of the racks, and adds elegance and lightness to the installation. Wine bottles placed on the wooden shelves in glass enclosed wine racks give the impression that the bottles are suspended in mid-air.

4. Lighting

Like any room in the house, even your wine cellar needs the right kind of lighting design. Use recessed lights and under counter lights, track lighting or stair wash lighting for ambient light. Install more focused lighting elements in a few spaces for task lighting. It’s best to use LED bulbs as these emit a softer light, keeping it cool in the temperature-controlled wine cellar.

Consult with your wine cellar designer about the different materials and light fittings available in the market to achieve the stunning look you seek. The designer would also be able to help you use all the elements in the right proportion so that the wine cellar looks well-balanced and showcases your wine collection well. It’s good to use shelving and racking installations that are scalable, so you can add to them as your wine collection grows over time.

For information about custom wine cellar design and installation, please contact Signature Cellars.