SI Retail 's basket trolleys are now designed to hold three shopping baskets and increase the amount a shopper can carry. Basket Trolleys can help to increase purchases made by customers by making it easier to shop.

The new basket trolleys are easier to control and are perfect for convenience stores. The basket trolleys boasts added functionality as messages and logos can be added to the basket trolley handle. The new design of SI Retail's basket trolleys is stylish, with a chrome finish, and more affordable. Basket Trolleys can be stacked together to save space, are heavy duty and also weatherproof.

The new basket trolleys are ideal for relieving the urgency and strain that can be associated with carrying a shopping basket. Unlike traditional supermarket trolleys the basket trolleys feature a slim design to aid easy manoeuvrability and is perfect for convenience stores.

SI Retail can assist with all shopping basket requirements and as well as basket trolleys, they also stock individual plastic shopping baskets in various sizes and colours. SI Retail's large shopping baskets also have space for logo printing so that they can be personalised.