Shop fittings supplier SI Retail is setting up a fully bonded warehouse in Shanghai to support its operation in China.
SI Retail had earlier established its own operation in China in 2006 to provide services in sourcing, manufacturing and shipping under the SI Direct banner to ensure that the supply chain for their customers was fully controlled from beginning to end.
Scheduled for completion in mid-2013, the new Shanghai warehouse will enable SI Retail to hold more stock on site for their customers, and will also result in more efficient shipments from the centralised location. SI Retail will also be able to achieve greater product consolidation in China to reduce costs and ensure quicker installation once the products reach the customer’s warehouse or stores.
SI Retail operates through a bilingual team of designers, quality controllers, project coordinators, product buyers and logistical planners in its China operations with the right blend of Australian and Chinese management giving the company the unique ability to completely understand customer requirements and correctly convey them throughout the manufacturing and shipping processes.
SI Retail’s extensive manufacturing capabilities cover all materials used in retail with many custom creations using a combination of these materials. The SI Retail Business Managers work closely with their clients to manage the project efficiently and design a suitable logistical plan.
SI Direct clients include leading names such as Lorna Jane, Ray’s Outdoors, BCF, Super Cheap Auto and Crest Electronics.