According to leading retail support solutions specialist SI Retail, technology can have a positive impact on brands by increasing brand exposure and initiating customer interaction.  

SI Retail is a specialist supplier of shopfittings, displays and signage systems.  

Creating a consistent emotional brand attachment with customers across in-store and online spaces is key to creating a relationship between the physical store and the website.  

Technology has changed the way consumers search for brands and the convenience of online shopping has considerably impacted on consumer buying patterns.  

Both digital channels as well as in-store displays are available for retailers to attract their customer.  

SI Retail recommends a few in-store tips that retailers can employ to be distinctive and competitive in their market space.  

In-store shopfittings  

It is important to use the right shopfittings in-store to make the products stand out from the crowd.  

Clean and crisp displays that make the product clearly visible to the shopper are recommended. Acrylic and glass display units are ideal for creating this look in-store with the correct combination of lighting.  

Livewire cable displays, glass shelving, cubing display systems, sign holders and brochure holder displays improve upon current options.  

Fresh and updated displays and signage  

The in-store product display must be constantly kept fresh and updated. This can be done by using easy-to-manoeuvre displays and signage.  

Recommended shopfittings include dump bin display stands, livewire cable display systems, freestanding slotwall gondolas and ticket frames.  

Custom displays and signage  

Custom displays and signage are an ideal way to individualise any brand. SI Retail has an extensive network of manufacturers to fulfil customised requirements for displays to suit specific products.  

Commenting on customised signage options from SI Retail, Morris from Webster Holdings says that custom-made acrylic blocks are ideal for displaying a variety of point-of-sale cards, imagery and sale signs.  

In addition to being quite different from other POS holders in the market, acrylic blocks also have their own personalised logo etched into the blocks allowing the company to set their brand apart from other retailers.  

Store displays for retail chains  

For businesses with multiple retail outlets who seek to refresh all store displays with ease, SI Retail offers the services of SI Direct.  

SI Direct allows customers to custom create and have orders shipped direct to store from manufacture.  

Consistent brand image across all marketing channels:  

A distinctive brand in-store needs to be translated across all marketing channels. Effective print, online and website design all contribute to creating an emotional attachment for consumers with the brand.  

Having a consistent brand image across all mediums offers added value to customers and can lead to increased brand exposure.