SI Retail  presents a new range of melamine shelves specifically designed to match the freestanding slotwall gondolas in both colour and size.  

Available in white and maple, the new melamine shelves come in a variety of sizes to suit the H Rack, Trapezium, Fixed Tower and the large 4-Way Star freestanding gondolas.  

The new melamine shelves are slotwall accessories that can be used to create dynamic displays in stores. SI Retail’s slotwall accessories range includes hangrails, straight arms, waterfall arms, crank arms, sign holders, shoe shelves, the HangShelf, acrylic shelves and several hooks.  

The Spinner Towers and small 4-Way Star freestanding slotwall gondolas are ideal for boutiques as they can display smaller products with display hooks, slotwall signage, brochure holders and acrylic shoe shelves. These smaller gondolas can fill a void in a store without impacting the retail floor space.  

Key benefits of SI Retail’s slotwall accessories:  

  • Helps create an impactful store display
  • Can be changed and altered to suit promotions on freestanding slotwall gondolas
  • Melamine shelving on freestanding gondolas can be combined with slotwall signage to highlight merchandise
  • Acrylic sign holders can be added to the top of the Tower, Star and Trapezium gondolas for special promotions