Make sure all your products are noticed with Southern Imperial’s range of Acrylic Risers. The Acrylic Risers are product merchandising displays which help transform an ordinary display into an eye catching one.

Acrylic Risers prove that you can increase sales by just showcasing your products better. Each Acrylic Riser offers varying height and widths.

The Acrylic Risers give your products a foot up making them closer to the eye and the hand.

You can choose clear Acrylic Risers for a clean, crisp store display or go for Southern Imperial’s new frosted finish for an even classier feel.

The Acrylic Risers are great for counter displays in gift shops, newsagents and when displaying featured items like products of the month.

Fashion retailers can use risers to merchandise fashion accessories on a clothing table display. The Acrylic Risers come in sets of six and have polished edges.

Larger products can be displayed on the higher tiers while smaller items on the lower risers.