SI Retail  specialises in a wide range of hanging signage systems for retail environments.  

In-store signage is a proven and effective method of increasing sales and stimulating impulse purchases.Cheaper than advertising, signage works by communicating appropriate messages with existing customers who are already in the store.  

SI Retail offers a wide range of hanging signs and accessories to enhance in-store communication options.  

Designed to hang from ceiling spaces, hanging signage features poster grips that frame the top and bottom with their ‘snap’ grip.Poster grips are available in economical plastic as well as aluminium for a more professional finish.  

Hanging signage solutions suit warehouses and department stores with multiple product categories, attracting the attention of customers and making their shopping experience easier and more enjoyable.  

Hanging signage options include tri-ramas (with 3 sides) and quad-ramas (with 4 sides) that display the message at 360º angles and are ideally placed in open spaces.  

Accessories for hanging signage systems include extending and fixed hangers, klinch hangers, adhesive hangers and suction cups that enable the signs to be hung in different ways.